Mickey Zee’s Poker Week in Review | Best Bets Today

Mickey Zee’s Poker Week in Review | Best Bets Today



A salute to the people that keeps the cards coming and the WSOP running smoothly, the poker dealers.

Well, the send off for Ol” Sammy at the Plaza was a real tear-jerker, lemme tell ya”. All the regs – Gus, Jimbo (who wheeled in anyway despite the fact the battery on his chair had died), “One-Eye” Mac, Vera, and Edwin all showed at Table 3 to show their respect. We all sat down, hoisted a Bud and then Marvin (Ol” Sammy”s favorite dealer) dealt a round of cards with two hole cards to the empty 6-seat in honor of Ol” Sammy. I got a little choked up when Marvin turned Ol” Sammy”s cards up at the end of the hand and, sure enough, he”d sucked out on the river with his J-3 off. Just like he”d never left us. Kinda gets you right in the gut, don”t it?


So, what”s shakin” pokernuts (i.e. Best Bets Today)? I took a stab at one of those blogger tournies last night. I got my ass whupped early – don”t know if it was the twelve pack I”d decimated by kickoff time or overplaying my K-T off, but, dang, I”d have thought I could last longer than I did. Check out Mook”s place for the groovy details – he “live blogged” it (what happens when you dead blog something?).


I was cruising some of the girl bloggers and screeched to a halt over at this feline”s leather-lined and tastefully pierced blog. Leather, motorcycles, chicks and poker. I”m sweatin”. Are you? I am. I”m sweatin”. I drifted from Kat”s on bikes to Kitties on cycles when I hit KuroKitty”s blog. I was all excited again until I realized Kuro”s a guy. Dude – I”m just sayin”…


Then I landed on this post – man I feel your pain.


I trekked on down the bad beaten path of poker misery and found this apt quote over at Bloody P”s (pal, your blog title hurts):


On the poker tip, Mistress Variance took me for a 190 mph ride on the Autobahn last night and wouldn”t let me wear my seatbelt. Or my goggles and scarf.


Variance, fickle, fickle variance – she”ll slide down that pole and tease the last c-note out of your pocket then snap her g-string right in your face as she walks away. But you can find redemption, or even enlightenment, as it seems El Stuntman of Double or Quits has discovered.


Ohmmm-my – need another 12 pack. This”ll have to do until next week, pokernuts.


Remember to tip your dealer. See you in seven!


Event #3 of the 2006 World Series of poker got underway today at noon with 1102 paid players dueling for a total purse of $1,504,230. The 2005 version of event #3 had a total number of 1071 entries so another WSOP event record falls. The 2005 defending champion of the $1,500 Pot-limit event is Thom Wertnmann.


Event #2, the $1,500 No-limit Hold”em that begin on Tuesaday played down to the final table. Check out the complete results at Poker Wire.com. For those that are curious, I played for five hours before having my pocket Aces cracked by an offsuit Jack Nine after he flopped two pair and sent me to the rail. I should have gone all-in before the flop. Well, there”s always another tournament tomorrow. Complete 2006 World Series of poker tournament results can be found on PokerPlayerNewspaper.com


Photos of some of the well known professionals playing in today”s Pot-limit Hold”em event are in the continue reading about Best Bets Today.


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