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Terrifying Qiu Qiu Online Betting

Two groups chartered a double-decker bus to visit the casinos in Atlantic City, one group was all blondes and the other was a group from the retirement home. The retirement home group rides on the bottom of the bus. The blonde group rides on the top level.


Soon their journey begins and bottom group is whooping it up having a great time, when one of them realizes he doesn’t hear anything from the blondes upstairs.


Being a fine gentleman, he decides to get up and investigate. When he reaches the top, he finds all the blondes frozen in fear, staring straight-ahead at the road, and clutching the seats in front of them with white knuckles. He says, “What the heck’s going on up here?” We’re having a great time downstairs!” One of the Blondes looks up and says, “YEAH, BUT YOU’VE GOT A DRIVER!”


Superstition Stinks


True Story!


Niagara Falls, Ontario – The operators of Qiu Qiu Online Casino Niagara told a local newspaper that customers urinating around slot machines had become a serious problem. Customers who believed a slot machine would soon pay off were afraid to leave the machines and either wore adult diapers, urinated into the platic coin cups or simply on the floor next to the machines.


Something to think about


If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t be one of those people who immediately quit their jobs. I’d make my boss’s life a living hell for a week or two first.


Second Thoughts


A husband and wife were having dinner at a very Fine restaurant when this absolutely stunning young woman comes over to their table, gives the husband a big kiss, tells him she’ll see him later, and walks away.


His …

Poker Tip of the Slot Online Week

Show me a guy who doesn’t mind losing and I will show you a loser. Stu Ungar

Harvest season is in the poker room but I keep shoveling the wheat with a pitch fork.

Don’t challenge strong players. Challenge weak ones. That’s what they are there for. John Vorhaus

Poker is a game that goes on within yourself. Control yourself and you will be a winner.

For many years have I played poker and for many of them some secrets I have guarded closely. When doing the tips of the week, consideration is often given whether the tip that will be given will affect my ability to make money as a professional. The tip this week took me a long time to put into print. I have personally asked Mason Malmuth a friend and player who I respect in high regard to review the numbers when he gets a chance and make corrections. Remember I have done the calculations in rough form and they are coming from my play book.

Well here we go. The tip of the week this week are breakdowns. Have you ever heard of this before. First lets look at the breakdown of hand. We are not just looking at the first two cards here we are looking at the flop. Lets take a look at one breakdown from my play book. Qs 7d 5s that’s the flop. Lets say you hold 7s 6s in the blind and a tight opponent raises from early fairly early position and you have some callers. All the opponents fold to you after the raiser bets on the flop. Well what beats the hand that you have: AA (6 combinations), KK (6 combinations), AQ (16 combinations), KQs (4 combinations), 77 (1 combination), 55 (3 combinations), QQ (3 combinations). A total …

Let’s Make a UFADeal


Deal making in poker tournaments has been going on for as long as I can remember. Money deal making (as opposed to making a deal for the legendary gold bracelet) is allowed in most tournaments including the World Series of Poker as long as the deal is made in front of the tournament director. I personally don’t think deals should be made that involve prestigious titles or gold bracelets, (claiming you are a world champion), that should be earned, not bought or bargained for. But let’s not kid ourselves, it still takes place behind closed doors.


Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of money deal making.


The majority of poker tournament UFA players who make money deals are in my opinion, using good judgment concerning money management. Let’s be realistic, anything can happen at a final table of a poker tournament. I have seen huge chip leaders lose all of their chips on one bad beat, short stacks come back with a vengeance and end up winning the tournament and worse, witness a bad decision or dealer error that caused a player to be eliminated. I repeat anything can happen! I don’t care how good a player you think you are or how good a player you are, there is always the luck factor — you can’t escape it.


All of us play poker tournaments to win but most important to most of us is making money. We certainly can’t buy groceries, make house notes, car payments or buy-in to the next poker tournament with a trophy.


The difference in first place money versus second, third, or even fourth can sometimes be thousands of dollars even tens of thousands. Players with deep pockets and or huge egos are sometimes only interested in winning first place, …

Poisonous ligaz11 Poker: A Poker Cop Mystery



There are seven deadly sins. One of them is Greed. That’s the one that got three players murdered at the Majestic Poker Room. I will tell you, and only you, the story of the poisonous poker murders on one condition. That you promise not to repeat it, not to anyone. There’s no sense in causing a panic in the poker room. The story begins –


“911. What is your emergency?”


“I’m calling from the Majestic’s Poker Room. I have an elderly man suffering severe breathing difficulty. I think it’s a heart attack. I need EMS here, now!”


“It’s OK, sir. The paramedics are already on their way to the Majestic. They were dispatched on a heart attack call less than a minute ago.”


“A minute ago? On their way? No, that’s not possible. This has just happened. Where are they on their way to? To the Poker Room?”


“No sir, to the Sports Book.”


“Look, I don’t know anything about what’s going on at the Sports Book. I need EMS in the Poker Room. Now.”


“Do you want us to cancel the Sports Book call and re-route the paramedics to the Poker Room? . . . Sir . . . Sir, are you still there? . . . Sir?”


“O my God . . . Yes, I’m still here. It doesn’t matter anymore. He’s dead.”


Your name sir? I need your name.”


“My name is Talbot. I’m Chief of Poker Room Security.”


“And the name of the deceased?”


“Mudd. His name was Mississippi Mudd.”


Mississippi’s real name was Samuel Arthur Mudd. At the time of his death he was a Sinner. The Majestic Poker Room holds a monthly tournament for local players 65 years plus. …

InstaPlay Technology Debuts at Cherry Casino

Swedish software developer Net Entertainment NE AB launched Cherry Casino ( this week rolling out their new InstaPlay technology. The company says the new feature “will revolutionize the no-download Java gaming experience and catapult online gaming into the next century.”


Net Entertainment created InstaPlay in an effort to combine the advantages of downloadable casino software with the advantages of a Java casino. Instead of waiting for the Java games to download into the browser each time you go to the site, InstaPlay allows your browser to automatically recall the game and load it nearly instantaneously.


“InstaPlay effectively allows a user to play the games they desire immediately and without occupying much of the computer’s hard drive or disk space,” says a Net Entertainment press release. “The freedom that follows with this technology will change the way Java games are delivered and negate the benefits of downloading 15 MB of entertainment software onto the consumer’s home PC.”


Downloadable casino software can take up to 45 minutes to download, but allows you to play the games at a moment’s notice. Java games don’t require any space on your hard drive, but usually take a considerably longer time to initialize each time you want to play. InstaPlay does not need to be downloaded; it installs automatically once the user indicates he or she wants this feature and allows the initialization of the Java games to occur within seconds.


All of Cherry Casino’s games will carry the InstaPlay option. The selection of games on Cherry Casino includes blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, keno, scratch tickets, pull tabs, and a stylized horse racing game. is licensed to operate as an Internet casino by the country of Costa Rica.


GoCorp Closes AusVegas

Australian public company GoCorp officially closed the …

Net Gambling Bill Seen as Risky

WASHINGTON — Clinton administration officials challenged a Republican anti-gambling bill on Tuesday, saying it could slow the future growth of the Internet.

“Any prohibitions affecting Internet communications must be carefully drafted to accomplish the legislation’s objectives without stifling the growth of the Internet or chilling its use as a communication medium for protected speech,” said Kevin DiGregory, deputy assistant attorney general.

DiGregory told the House Banking Committee that any legislation should be “technologically neutral,” and that a plan members were considering would impose more restrictions on the Internet than currently apply in meatspace.

“I can’t believe that the administration is sitting back and letting things drift, dangerously,” said Representative Marge Roukema (R-New Jersey). “You’re in denial about that.”

Roukema criticized the White House for taking aim at congressional attempts at regulation without introducing a plan of its own.

The bill, H.R. 4419, follows a related measure that the House Judiciary Committee approved this spring and forwarded to the House Commerce Committee, which must act no later than June 23.

The second bill, H.R. 3125, was designed to outlaw many forms of Internet 789bet gambling. But lobbyists for special interests intervened, and horse racing, jai alai, casinos, and other activities won exemptions.

That bill was broader, and targeted individuals who “engaged in a gambling business knowingly to use the Internet or any other interactive computer service to place, receive, or otherwise make a bet or wager or to send, receive, or invite information assisting in the placing of a bet or wager.”

“I want to see that (H.R. 4419) doesn’t get lost along the way like (H.R.) 3125,” said Representative Jim Leach (R-Iowa), chair of the House Banking Committee.

One difference is that the banking bill aims to encourage other countries to follow the lead from the U.S. “If you don’t …

Don’t Tug On Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya Superman’s Cape

It is possible to get in trouble with gray market gambling, but you really have to work at it. One good way is to thumb your nose at the cops.

The latest to learn this sad lesson are three Internet Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya gambling web sites:,, and They were sued by New Jersey Attorney General’s divisions of Gaming Enforcement and Consumer Affairs.

The allegations in the complaint include everything from violating the State Constitution’s ban on gambling to the “unconscionable commercial practice” of advertising to minors with an “improper or unreliable age verification and/or no method to prevent underage gambling.”

But these operators’ real “crime” was posting their advertising on billboards across the street from Atlantic City’s licensed casinos.

The web site operators were not even the main targets of these legal actions. Sure, they were named as defendants. But the A.G. did not serve them with copies of the summons and complaint. In fact, he does not know who they are!

Paragraph six of the complaint entitled “State of New Jersey v., Bob Fontain and John and Jane Doe,” reads, “Defendants John and Jane Doe are the owners and operators of Sultans who are unknown to Plaintiff at this time.” Suing Bob Fontain is not going to be much help. He registered the name,, but probably sold it. In any case, he is in South Africa, and is unlikely to come back to New Jersey to defend this suit.

So why did the A.G. have this suit filed against individuals he cannot serve or who live in foreign countries where they cannot be reached? And why these three Internet gambling sites, among the hundreds that take bets from New Jersey citizens?

He wanted those billboards taken down. And he succeeded.

The A.G.’s …

Java VS Flash for Judi Slot Casino Websites


The debate over Java vs Flash has been going on for some time now. However as the products evolve the question itself is changing. It used to be “Which is best?” but these days it’s more reasonable to ask “Which do I need? or want? or prefer?”


Let’s begin with a quick recap of the basic features of each:



been around forever; available in many forms (script, compiled, etc).

typically does not require the user to pre-installed a plug-in.

particularly suited for creating interactive animations and combining animation with other Web page elements.

not particularly efficient use of graphic elements (bitmaps, etc).

applets are typically larger than Flash; longer downloads, longer load times.

scalable to any processor-driven platform (computers, cell phones, appliances, smart cards, etc)


requires a plug-in (designed and produced by Macromedia Inc.); plug-in must be updated intermittently.

supports a wider range of graphic elements (GIFs, fonts, etc) and features (opacity, etc).

highly efficient use of graphic elements (vector-graphics).

smaller, more self-contained files than Java; faster downloads, faster loading.

supports MP3.

files will give far more reliable (animation) playback rates between different machines and browsers.

So, if you’re in the comparison game there are a few obvious differences:


Java is universally available and usable; Flash’s usability depends on the (admittedly broad) propogation of Macromedia’s Flash plug-in.

Flash produces smaller applets that load and download faster.

Java integrates easily with other web page elements; Flash less so.

Flash has a definate vector-graphics “look”; Java apps can look like whatever the designers choose.

Flash is much more self-contained and easy to deliver as a stand-alone (albeit plug-in dependent) applet; Java less so.


Java can be scaled to any platform that has a processor; Flash less so.

One point that’s been raised over and over …

The New Dominoqq Pkv Year in Spain

Spain’s big two, Barcelona and Real Madrid are in crisis, according to the permanently obsessed media.


Barcelona are in trouble because they lost their first game after the winter break, 1-0 away to David Moyes’ Real Sociedad, and superstar Lionel Messi has allegedly fallen out with coach Luis Enrique and has issued a “him or me” ultimatum.


News of Messi’s anguish during the transfer window prompted FCB to wield an unexpected axe forthwith: Sporting director Antoni Zubizarreta and assistant Carlos Puyol, both Camp Nou legends, saw their contracts terminated.


The Argentine’s representatives have been at mischievous work, planting fanciful stories in the media claiming that Chelsea could make a megabucks swoop for the disgruntled Messi. With a release clause of €250 million for Messi, there is more chance of finding Elvis alive during the January transfer window than Barça selling their brightest star.


Real Madrid’s trouble consists of having lost three Dominoqq Pkv games in a row, the first a friendly in Dubai to Milan 4-2, then two away losses in Spain, 2-1 to Valencia in La Liga and 2-0 to Atletico Madrid in a bad-tempered first leg of their Copa del Rey quarter-final on a freezing night at the Vicente Calderon.


Vicente Calderon, The New Year in Spain.


Yesterday Real returned to normal service with a functional 3-0 win over Espanyol, dampening the fires of disaster speculation. James Rodriguez, who has proved a most versatile attacker in his debut season but too often has had to defer to Cristiano Ronaldo, tapped in the first before Gareth Bale, subject of criticism for his selfishness with the ball in previous matches, whipped in a set-piece to remind the moaners of his goalscoring value.


Barcelona also bounced back, thumping a hapless Elche 5-0 in the …

One Very Small Pengeluaran HkPaycheck




Doyle went on to earn a master’s degree in administrative education; after all, if he couldn’t play sports, he wouldteach sports. By that time, he had already begun traveling to different colleges to play in small poker games, winning often. When he realized how little teachers were paid, he decided against that profession.


He explained to me that he received only one paycheck! “I went to work selling bookkeeping equipment in my assigned territory for the Burroughs Corporation. When I saw my first paycheck, I realized I could rake in more money in one pot than what I made after a whole week of hard work! I knew right away where my ‘territory’ was. It was right there in those small poker games in Texas.”



The Good Ol’ Days

In the early days, there were no legal Pengeluaran Hkpoker rooms, and Doyle drove hundreds of miles to play in a good “outlaw” poker game. He lived through an era in which one had to concern oneself not only with winning, but collecting the money and then being lucky enough to get out of town safely with the money!


In those years, Doyle explains that he had to worry about getting cheated, robbed, attacked, beaten, or even arrested before he got out of Dodge with his bankroll.


He was robbed more times than he can remember, and believe me, the man’s recollection is phenomenal. He recalls sitting in a poker game on Exchange Avenue in Fort Worth one bleak day: “All of a sudden, someone busted the door down blasting a shotgun. The gunman shot off the head of the guy sittin’ next to me. I saw the guy’s head falling off and splattering against the wall! It was tough, that’s what …

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